How Will Pharmacists Influence Lia's Care Conditions And Outcomes

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Hello Karyl, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I agree with your ideas. For your first note, Lia truly had so many medications to take everyday. Maybe at that time, the physicians considered little about drug interaction and medication compliance, what they mainly focus was the indication for each drug. They did not obey some parts of the philosophy of practice for healthcare providers.

For the second one that how will pharmacists influence Lia’s healthcare conditions and outcomes, I have my own opinion. From what I learned from pharmaceutical care course and labs so far, nowadays pharmacists pay very important roles in the whole patient-centered healthcare team. Pharmacists are the group of people who directly interact and talk with patients and their family a lot, as a result, they are also the people who can make great impact on patients. Through patient care process, pharmacists connect drug therapy problems and goals of therapy together to make suitable care plans for each individual patient. Pharmacists try their best to help patients get effective drugs, reduce adverse drug reactions and feel compliance about drugs. Pharmacists will also follow up the patients in order to get better outcomes. …show more content…

At the time when this story happened, the healthcare system and the educational system was not well-rounded compared with those of today. We cannot blame on the physicians in the story, they could do better without the many limitations at that time. With the development of science and technology, the world is always changing with fast speed. We cannot predict what the pharmacy world would like after we graduation, so I believe in order to build a good shape as an excellent pharmacist, we should not only grasp knowledge we learn from daily course, but also catch up with the newest information and research in

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