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Writer’s Memo: For Protection of All Girls
Before I start this paper, I separated four themes from the choosing a topic sheet: Should young women get the HPV vaccine?, Is there an obesity gene?, Should we continue embryonic stem cell research?, and Is addiction genetically predisposed? My major is pharmacy, and in Brazil, I worked in a research laboratory. So, all the topics were about science and health. I like to read about researches with the goal to improve health, and I chose the HPV topic because the HPV vaccination of young girls was recent discussed in Brazil. For this reason, I had more background in this theme, so I could do a deeper discussion in the HPV topic than in the others. To understand my paper, the reader should know at least what HPV is and how the virus is transmitted. Thus, it is important for the audience – health professionals, health students, public health legislators, and parents – keep an open mind about this topic. None vaccine is 100% free of side effects, and I showed this aspect in this paper. The side effects happen because each person has a different metabolism and a different immunological system, so each one of us will have a different reaction against any kind of vaccine not only against the HPV vaccine. However, the benefits of the HPV vaccination are greater than any side effects because the effects are minimum.
My paper was organized in the point of view of a health professional. Thinking as a health professional the less important argument was …show more content…

Looking as a health professional, promotion of promiscuity by the vaccination is not important because this argument is not true. However, I can understand how this possibility can concern parents. Safety and cost have the same impact in American society for me. So, I organized this paper as a pharmacist, but all the arguments have the same importance for me

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