Hsm 541 Week 6 You Decide Case Study

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Hsm 541 (Week 6) You Decide
Middlefield hospital served a variety of patients with the best care. However from the past couple years it has been having some problem due to the new big hospital in the city. Since the arrival of the new hospital in the area our hospital has been losing its patients and we are getting more of uninsured/underinsured patients.
In order for me to improve our financial situation of the hospital, we need to work as a team and be competitive against the new hospital in town. As a CEO of Middlefield hospital, I will send out or email survey to all of our new patients and old patients to figure out the cores of our problem. In the survey, I will ask if any of them has ever attended the new hospital in town. If so what do they have over there and what we do to improve our performance? Why transfer to the new hospital and what can we do to regain their trust and welcome them back?
First as CEO of Middlefield hospital I would recommend changing their employee’s health plans because with the hospital losing so make money they can’t afford to be paying so much for their health insurance. So by changing to a plan where the employees have a slightly higher …show more content…

Middlefield would then be able to become a better competitor to the newer hospital which would make patients and employees return back to Middlefield. And by doing these improvements Middlefield would be able to attract a different demographic of patients back to their facility which would also increase their revenue. Middlefield has the ability to change its image in the community and show it that they care about them and their health by improving its quality of care and it’s offered services and once the community seeing and feels this they will start to visit the hospital

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