Human Resource Training Proposal

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Introduction Proper management of human resources is one of the most important factors that influence the ability of an organization in the health care to deliver high quality care. Human resource management in health care often involves the development of effective HRM strategies that seek to help health care providers achieve better outcomes based on the improvement of health care access and quality (Hixson, 2011; Gouveia & Shane, 2012). However, recruiting and staffing training for human resource management employees is one of the key success factors that have emerged to clearly affect health care practices. Within different health care systems across the world, increased attention is being engrossed on the effectiveness of programs tailored…show more content…
This human resource management training proposal seeks to outline my strategy for a training program meant for new HRM employees at a health care company. For instance, it will include overview of the process and steps involved in human resource planning, recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and hiring of employees, which will help in the development of a comprehensive strategy for training new employees. Training strategies aimed at motivating the employees on the aspects of their new jobs will also be covered, as well as the key issues that the new human resource management employees would be likely to encounter in the health care field. An Overview of the Process and Steps Human resource planning is a continuous process that usually attempt to provide adequate workforce for health care organizations, and it begins with the identification and review of the organization’s HR objectives. The second step involves the analysis of the existing man-power resource in order to enable HR planners to estimate manpower requirements in a manner that allows them to match demand and supply for manpower. The final step is the appraisal of the HR planning (Jiayi, Xi, & Hui,…show more content…
This can be associated with the shortage of employees who are competent enough to perform in specialized positions. Collaboration with local colleges and universities can go a long way in helping health care organizations fill the niche roles. For instance, this initiative will help them come up with the best courses and training programs that will contribute to continuous development of talents for specialized positions (Osoian & Zaharie,

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