I Want To Pursue A Career In Radiography

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As an aspiring Diagnostic Radiographer I 've always wanted to be part of the NHS Radiographing team. By completing further reading on Radiography I have discovered a real passion for the discipline and I have secured the opportunity to shadow radiographers across several Buckinghamshire Hospital sites. I have been slowly developing caring skills for patients through these engagements and am excited with the experience as it has shown me what is involved from the inside. Currently I am completing an Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care and I am looking to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained from it during my University course and my chosen career path. During the course I have completed work experience which has enabled me to apply theory into practice and I have observed the need for continuous professional development within radiography. …show more content…

Radiography is a constantly evolving area and my interest in technology keeps me inspired to learn new methods. Patient care is the essential key to becoming a good professional and I have experience working with patients and vulnerable people. Developing professional relationships with patients and their family members are skills I have acquired as a part-time healthcare assistant during my school holidays. Attending boarding school has made me a very empathetic person as I was a prefect and leader to students who had been recently enrolled. This has strengthened my conviction that I am making the right decisions for my career path. I have learnt to be a caring individual and I believe that I can achieve more through hard work and effort I put in by attending school, volunteering at the Healthy Living and attending work placements. My voracious interest in science and technology has been a big influence on deciding to pursue a career in

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