Frozen Ice Cream: A Case Study

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Frozen dairy product such as ice cream are popular among all groups of people. It is one of the frozen dairy desserts which are generally made by freezing a mix produced by brisk mixing to integrate air and maintain its homogeneity and consistency. The ice cream mix usually contain sugars, fats, dairy, vegetable oil, water, fruit ingredients, cocoa, coffee, stabilizers, aroma substances and other approved food colors. The characteristics and behaviors of each ingredient are considered in which the ingredients have to be correctly blended and the mix should be stored at negative temperature from -11 to -18 ºC in order to be stable (Corvito, 2011). The quality of the ice cream mix produced is dependent upon the quality of ingredients, mix balance,…show more content…
Stabilizers are referred to as improvers, holders, colloids, binders, and fillers. Stabilizers work throughout the different phases of the ice cream. During freezing process, stabilizers retard ice crystal growth and maintain homogeneity. Stabilizers inhibit development of structural damages caused by heat shock during storage and contribute to slow and uniform meltdown, mouth feel and smooth texture during serving and consumption. Stabilizers are used in ice cream mix to increase its viscosity (Marshal et. al, 2003). Other more terms for stabilizers are colloids, hydrocolloids, and gums which designate they are polysaccharide and capable of interacting with water. The interaction with water allows some of these compounds to interact with some proteins and lipids in the mix (Kilara et al,…show more content…
This fruit's characteristics are edible, elliptic to pear-shaped, ranging from 3-14 cm, depends on the cultivar, and weighing up to 500g. It has a thin delicate rind, pale green to yellow at maturity, sometimes flushed with red as it is an apple guava, and have many seeds. Guava’s flavor varies from very acidic to sweet or both sweet and mildly acidic. This fruit is rich in pectin, specifically found in its peel. Green mature guava is the stage where pectin content is high compared to ripened guavas. With the qualities and properties of guava and the need to expand the availability of sources of stabilizer, Psidium guajava could be extracted for pectin and be used as stabilizer for ice

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