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Starting 7th grade in a secondary school can be a horrifying experience for any 12-year old. Going from a piddling elementary school to a voluminous secondary school can be tough to adjust to, especially if you have an IEP. Having an IEP has always made me insecure about how I perform in school. I feel as if I am not as smart at the other kids, and most people don’t understand. Many people don’t know what an IEP is and I fear that when I tell them they might think I’m dumb.
The first few weeks of school were great. I had stupendous grades, and I was flourishing in all of my classes. But after a while, I stared to skip school with my friends, because we thought classes were dull. Since I had an IEP school didn’t matter to me because as long as I reached the academic goal I’d be fine. I didn’t care if I failed or passed a test because nothing mattered to me. I thought I was stupid and that no one thought that I was smart, so what was the point of being there? My stellar grades dropped tremendously. But I still didn’t care. I felt so lost and misplaced. I didn’t want anyone to know that I have an IEP. I didn’t care about anything! As long as I received a D I was happy. I avoided school so I wouldn’t feel stupid. But when I would harsh grades it made me upset. I really wanted to do well in school but I just didn’t have the …show more content…

If class work was to callous I’d complain to my case manager. I’d tell her that I didn’t have enough time or that I have lots other work to do, so she would get me out of any work that I dint want to do. My case manger got me lots of extensions on projects, homework, and test. But I didn’t take advantage of any of it. My grades were dropping faster than ever, and so was my self-esteem. I had detention all the time at the end of the year I had D’s and C’s in all of my core classes. Because of my poor grades my teachers decided to add more accommodations and wanted to be stricter on me the next

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