Thomas Jefferson's Essay: Effort Is The Key To Success

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Thomas Jefferson wrote "Determine never to be idle . . . It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing." I strongly agree with this quote because effort is always the key to success, practicing over and over can make anything better, and practice can make you comfortable. First reason why I agree with Thomas Jefferson is the effort. I have heard a lot of phrase saying, "effort is the key to success" and I believe this is true because I came to US four years a go and didn't speak English, I barely knew what "A,B,C,D" was, didn't have much friends and had low grades. I hated being treated special so I decided to learn more English, started talking to them and tried to make a lot of friends and last I spent most of my time studying hard. I made …show more content…

I was so happy and everyone was so thankful for me because I motivated them to practice five times a week. The last reason why I agree with Thomas Jefferson is the comfort coming from the practice. I am very shy person and I also don't feel comfortable talking in English in front of everyone so I don't like to present in front of the class. Last year in English class we had to present a project called the "My Hero" I was really nervous and was actually planning to skip on that day but my parents helped me practice everyday before the presentation. I kept doing the presentation in front of my parents making me comfortable enough to present in the class. I ended up getting A in the presentation and my teacher told me "You looked very confident in your project and I liked it." This is the three main reasons why I agree with Thomas Jefferson about doing something all the time is better than staying inactive. Even though being inactive is a lot easier and less stress, but at the end success goes to the person with the effort. Sometimes it is painful to be always doing something, but at the end if I want to succeed and achieve the goal I want. I will be happy to go on the tough road and

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