Impact Of Migration On Human Development

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1. Introduction 1.1 Introduction and Background to Research Area Migration is not a new phenomenon, as people have moved constantly from one country to another country as a result of various reasons. However, there can be many different effects this may cause on the African continent; and it might also as well have a harmful impact on the current development process that the region is experiencing (ILO, 2009). According to (Davis, 1974) the topic migration is as old as humanity itself and people have been migrating to different parts of the world for various motives with the aim of improving their standard of living (Davis, 1974 in Massey et al 2008, Pg: 1). There has also been an increased debate gaining ground on international migration…show more content…
The impacts of migration on human development cannot be over emphasized when we talk about its effects on remittances, job employment, increase in income and wages and also, in the case of dependency. According to Human Development Report (HDR) 2009, mobility increases human development if and only if it’s a voluntary mobility by providing higher income and opportunities to individuals and their families. However, migration can be of help to human development and also the growth of human capital, but not a replacement to development which could be true but at the same time, much has been written in different literatures where migration is often regarded as an important part of development especially in the sending countries, thus migration affects not only the migrants themselves but also the sending and receiving societies as a…show more content…
Wong and Yip (1999) analyze the effect of brain drain on growth, education, income distribution and welfare. Schiff and Wang (2006) carry out an empirical analysis of the impact of brain drain on the productivity growth of countries. Beine et al. (2008) analyze the effects of the prospect of skilled migration on gross human capital formation in the source country. The results present different effects of brain drain. While most theoretical studies illustrate a negative effect on growth, more recent empirical studies emphasized a positive effect on human capital formation in the source country. Apart from economic and war driven migrants “refugees”; there is another group of migrants which are students from different parts of the African continent in search of better education abroad. According to Adepoju, the migration of Africans into Europe and America can be traced back to the 1960s, when large number of Africans migrated, engaging in a record expansion of access to education across Europe and America (Adepoju,

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