Impact Of The Renaissance On The Founding Of America

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The founding of America effected everyone all around the world. The years before the founding, there were certain actions that helped lead to it. There has been several time periods that have influenced the establishment of America. Without any prior movements, it would have been more difficult. The founding of America was impacted by the Renaissance, spreading of individual ideas, enlightenment, a philosophical movement, and exploration, founding of the new world.
The Italian Renaissance was the spread of individual ideas. Renaissance also means rebirth, This was during the late 1400’s and early 1500’s, after the black death. The Renaissance was located in the Mediterranean Sea. The Renaissance emphasized individual achievements and made …show more content…

The Enlightenment questioned authority and ordered for natural rights. There were important thinkers of the Enlightenment who impacted the way people think today. John Locke, Voltaire, Montesquieu, Adam Smith, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Thomas Paine were all of the major thinkers. John Locke believed experiences will cause more knowledge which is how his idea of the blank slate is. He also believed everybody was born with natural rights. The Declaration of Independence symbolized his ideas of “life, liberty, property.” Voltaire wanted to be free from expression, religion, and separation of church and state. He also believed the universe was a clock and the clock maker was God. Montesquieu defined three types of government, republican, dictator, and monarchy. He also contributed in the separation of powers which was multiple branches and check and balances which each branch has certain rights. Adam Smith believed the government had three purposes which were the police to defend injustice, the army to protect people, and public works such as roads. Jean-Jacques Rousseau created the Social Contract which was the idea society is controlled by the general will. Thomas Paine wanted the colonies to become not so dependent and commanded for common sense. America has every right because of the …show more content…

The three motives were God, Gold, and Glory. Spices, silks, and precious metals were all gold to the explorers. Through God people wanted to spread religious thoughts to others. People wanted freedom to utilize any “reformed” religion. Glory to the people meant finding many important artifacts. The meaning to exploring was that there were more technology that could lead to longer voyages. There were caravels which was a new style of ship and lateen sails which were triangular to catch wind. It was easier to sail because they had an astrolabe which helped regulate the position. All of the new improvements made sailing more simple. The Italian Christopher Columbus sailed to India and found a new land. The new land was Cuba but was thought to be India so it was called the “West Indies.” The Exploration helped shaped other explorations that people have taken. Without any past knowledge about explorations, it would have been more

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