Importance Of Chemistry In Chemistry

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I have been fascinated by the chemistry of making variety of different things, such as food, beverage, cosmetics and especially in medicines. I remember the first time that I had a change to work in laboratory room in secondary high school. It was the day I was accepted to a be part of chemistry team, which have an extra training class and will join chemistry competition in my province and go further as HCM City or National Competition. The moment in lab room really made me happy and can apply everything theory to reality, I just make some simple experiment in tube and some chemical reaction happen, and the color of substance change remarkably when I put some new chemical in tube. Besides, I also can watch some machines and how they work in some area nowadays. The happiness is you can understand and work as a real scientist in lab room.
Due to the fact the science is very attractive. I choose to be advanced learner when I applied for Binh Long High School for the gifted and my class is specialized in chemistry. When I was in High School, I enhanced my study pathway by took a test to join a team with 5 student who have extended class and represented for my school join some reputation competitions in my country. In three years, I took part in 10 competitions include theory academic and practicing in science. However, lucky never smile with me, I failed almost except one consolation prize in grade 11. It is certainly a hardest time for me, I started question myself not only my

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