Importance Of Conservation Of Biodiversity Essay

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Conservation of biodiversity has attained worldwide momentum. It is the proper management of the biosphere by human beings in such a way that it gives maximum benefits for the present generation and also develops its potential so as to meet the needs of the future generations. When we talk of sustainable development, biodiversity conservation among others also comes to the forefront
Biodiversity may be defined as the variability among different living organisms from all sources and ecological complexes of which they are parts and includes diversity within species or between species and of eco-system. In the context of environmental science, the study of all living organisms including human beings, and other living …show more content…

Out of these, about 1.4 million species have been identified so far. Each species is adapted to live in specific environment, from mountain peaks to the depth of seas, from polar ice caps to tropical rain forests and deserts. All this diversity of life is confined to only about one kilometre thick layer of lithosphere hydrosphere and atmosphere which form biosphere. Though the study of environment and ecology is quite old, the term biodiversity has been introduced by Walter Rosen in 1986. Scientists are aware of the immense potentials of various life-forms existing on the earth. Our planet’s requirements and services depend mainly on the biological resources. Biological resources not only provide us nourishment, clothing, housing, fuel and medicine but also meet our several other requirements. Therefore the knowledge of biodiversity is of immense utility in planning sustainable livelihood and conserving the natural resources.
The biodiversity found on Earth today is the result of approximately 3.5 billion years of evolution. Until the emergence of humans, the earth supported more biodiversity than any other period in geological history. However, since the dominance of humans, biodiversity has begun a rapid decline, with one species after another suffering extinction.
The maintenance of biodiversity is important for the following

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