Health Benefits Of Aging Essay

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Aging is a natural phenomenon to humans and the elderly can play an important role in our society. Elderly as many understand it means the point in life where one retires from work, and enters old age, and the last part of their lives. Elderly according to Erickson is generally around the age of 60. The life of the elderly is different than ours. Most no longer work and are done with the job of child rearing, and caring for a house, or for those who were career oriented they are now not dependent on working for their needs. Their days are no longer filled with the duties of caring for a home or children, and many times they are often lonely and feel that they no longer have direction or purpose. For many, there are health issues, and concerns, and medical care can take up a significant part of their lives. For some, being elderly means freedom from the drudges of work, but now they must face the fact that life has changed and that they must find other ways to maintain a sense of relevance and well-being. In addition it means that they must learn to depend on new ways of thinking and being to achieve that kind of sense of well-being. For others, it means depression and a sense of hopelessness that is known to plague our elderly. For others who have the right…show more content…
Arrangements commonly include pet ownership (Europe PMC, 1999), living with relatives, and living alone (Ren and Treiman, 2014). However, none have looked at all three together to compare if there is a significant difference between each of the living arrangements and to find out which living arrangement yields a greater statistical difference of the psychological well-being in the Filipino population of elderly. The study aims to better safeguard the well-being of the elderly person by helping them to identify the living arrangement is a greater factor for their psychological
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