Importance Of Energy In Our Daily Life

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Introduction Energy has been so important in such a way that our lives depend on it due to the importance of it in our lives. It gives a faster life to everyone, meaning faster transport, fast manufacturing process for industries as well as faster communication. All of these things I had stated are all part of the things that leads us in having a huge demand of electricity increasing day by day because as the modern systems (technological things) tend to be increasing so is the demand in electricity. This simply show that electrical energy has gone vital and we need it for different reasons namely, heating, in industries for electrical motors and for lighting also needed for transportation. Importance of electrical energy Electricity has become very important in our daily lives at these days we can’t live without electricity. Electricity has made our lives very easier than before, if we can look before electricity was introduced to our lives things were not like they are right now, before we had to fetch wood from the forests in order to make fire so we can cook, boil water and so forth. We used to buy candles for light when it is dark. But now as we have electricity many things had changed, even our lives were made very easily. The need of electricity in our lives is increasing at breath taking speed all over the world. According to the electrical experts they estimate that in few years to come there will be a huge demand written in the elements of electrical engineering

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