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Gastronomy Gastronomy is a study of the food and culture, its focus on gourmet cuisine. The principal of gastronomy food is a science in addition to an art form. Gastronomy looks is how fresh the food is, how it is prepared, which flavours are used, how it’s present, colours of the food etc. Today I am describing about the tea. This is very famous beverage in every country. Tea Tea is the most common beverage in all around the world. All tea is produced from a plant which called camellia seninsis. Tea drinking begun from Shang dynasty china where it used as a medical drink. Mostly people like to drink the tea in morning times. It is commonly prepared by hot or boiling water over leaves of the tea plant. Tea has many flavours like sweet, nutty, floral or grassy…show more content…
 Green tea; green tea is made by steamed tea is improving cholesterol level in our body. Green tea is reducing the risk of heart attack as well as reduces risk of stroke.  Oolong tea; that tea is full flavourful fragrance and very sweet tea. Oolong tea is little similar to green tea. This tea is mostly served in Chinese restaurant.  Black tea; black tea is also come from camellia seninsis. It has the good caffeine level than other tea. Black tea is particular good for heart. It has strong flavour.  Herbal tea; herbal tea is not contain the plant of camellia seninsis leaves. Benefits of tea Tea has many benefits for our health. There have no side effect of tea. Tea is a very common beverage for drink.  Tea is help to improve the body from radiation.  Drinking the tea is reducing the risk of heart attack.  Tea is also help to lose our weight.  Tea gives us a sweet smile.  Tea is also protecting our bones.  It is also good for cancer

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