Gender Inequality In Women

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According to Oxford Reference , gender inequity is a Social process by which people are treated differently and disadvantageously, under similar circumstances, on the basis of gender. After decades and decades of movements and social battles to diminish sexism and after a significant change in the situation of women worldwide, a controversial question arises: Is gender inequality relevant nowadays ?
This paper depicts the persisting gender inequality on the social, political and workforce level and highlights the gap in women 's situation between the western and eastern societies.

Keywords: gender inequality , gender roles, equal pay, objectification ,representation

Saudi Arabia was recently elected to United
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Televisions ads in the middle eastern and Arab TV channels conform and emphasizes the conventional that women should stay at home to take care of the family , the household chores and her beauty. In almost any kind of product advertising women are sexualized. They mostly appear as mothers, houses or future brides. The famous MBC TV channel group in the middle east and north Africa is a perfect example for that. All cleaning , hygiene products and domestic appliance are presented as a solution concerning only mums, to make their lives easier and homes better. Other products like cars , insurance and banking products are presented in a way that makes it target only the male breadwinners. This content presented on MBC channels and the majority of Arabic channels draws the women situation in the eastern societies .It seems clearly that is not helping promoting gender equality but it is helping the sexist behavior persist. On western media , the sexism is kind of presented in a indirect and hidden way. The women may appear as strong independent individuals but they are sexualized in another way. They are objectified. All the focus is on making them appear as sexual objects since the more the content is sexualized the more is viewed and sold. I consider the sexist content exposed on media the new form of sexism. "Entertainment media including movies, TV,…show more content…
Gender inequality still persist in the workplace despite the huge steps women made to achieve it. Women are still paid less than men for doing exactly the same jobs. According to the new report of the world Economic Forum the economic gender gap between man and women grew larger. The Guardian repots " When measured in terms of income and employment, the gender gap has widened in the past four years; at 59%, it is now at a similar level to that seen in the depths of the financial crisis in 2008. Last year, the WEF predicted it would take 118 years for economic parity to be achieved. …".Also, the culture of gender roles deprives women from the equal opportunities to excel in their jobs. Women work double shifts. The first one at work and the second one at home .A successful woman nowadays , is the one that can balance between her job and her household responsibilities. It is hard for them to allocate extra time to their careers as men do and that deprives them from many benefits and also makes them discriminated against when it comes to leadership

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