How To Hunt Grizzly Bear Persuasive Essay

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Grizzly bear is a kind of animal which has no predators, except for humans. Nowadays, If grizzly bear hunting should be allowed has became a controversial topic. To some extent, I agree with this point of view. In this essay, I will analyze some reasons that why I agree to stop hunting grizzly bear to a certain extent. The prohibition of hunting grizzly bear can be of assistance to the ecological balance. It is also profitable to promote the development of tourism industry because of the increasing number of grizzly bear in the zoo. However, there are increasing number of grizzly bear populations, other living beings under the threat of grizzly bears.
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It is a useful way to protect grizzly bears, also it is beneficial to promote the development of tourism industry. The grizzly bear hunting has to be stopped and they can be put into zoos all around the world. Many people love closing to the nature and they love animals. It is convenient for them to watch grizzly bears in the zoo. However, some hunters are very covetous and they want to make money by using animals. For example, the bear gall, bear meat, and bear’s-paw have high economic value. People can make profit by selling these things. It is true that some people are very vainglorious and they like wearing fur coats which are made by bear furs to show their social status. It is one reason that why an increasing number of people catch and kill grizzly bears. Consequently, Grizzly bears can be protected well if they are put in zoos. It is obvious that the conflict between human beings and grizzly bears will decline if grizzly bears are put into zoos. As a whole, grizzly bears are docile and they do not endanger human beings. What is more, grizzly bears are very lovely and it can attract visitors to go to the zoo. If there are some grizzly bears appears in the zoo, the number of travelers will raise. The tourist income can increase and it is beneficial to the tourist industry because of the grizzly bears in the zoo. Yellowstone National Parks is “the heart of the grizzly population” (NationalParkService) and there are many grizzly bears are protected in the park. Putting grizzly bears in the park “brings economic benefits worth tens of millions of dollars to the region”(NationalParkService). Although putting grizzly bear in the park can promote tourism development, it is true that many living beings was hurt by grizzly bears, especially human

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