Importance Of Headgear Essay

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I believe that soccer players shouldn’t wear headgear. I think they shouldn’t wear headgear because some of the headgear cost to much. Also because during a soccer game if you’re running and your helmet falls down you can’t stop and fix it you would have to just keep it off. There’s so much reason why you shouldn’t wear headgear. But you shouldn’t wear helmets because you're not always going to get hurt on your head you can have other injuries like your arm,leg,knee,elbow,and ect. The only reason why people wear headgear because if you had a soccer game and it went bad because you had a concussion and the next time you have a game than you think that you’re going to get hurt and then they hesitate and get worried. there’s no need to wear a headgear when it causes you to much trouble. Concussion and repeated heading are two separate entities. People think it’s the same place.…show more content…
Also because you wouldn’t be use to it. It would feel weird. Purposeful heading does not appear to be the real issue in discussions of concussion. People think heading the ball is bad but it’s not, and there’s a certain place on your head for you can headbutt it you don’t hit it on top,side,or back you hit in the front of your forehead. Players 7-10 years old shouldn’t head the ball but 12 and up they can I think that should be a rule. I would think this would be a rule because 7-10 year old soccer players are too young to headbutt til there 12 I think that’s when they should start to headbutt. It can be dangerous to headbutt, and that’s why people worry but the people should know that either way they can get hurt it’s not just the it’s not always the head. Some players got worse injuries than just a concussion so I don’t think people should worry and get their kids a
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