Essay On Homelessness In Mexico

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First of all it is necessary to established what homelessness means, according to the United nations is that “a "homeless" person is not only someone without a domicile who lives on the street or in a shelter, but can equally be someone without access to shelter meeting the basic criteria considered essential for health and human and social development.”
Now that is clear it is well-known that having the right to a home is truly important and it has to be considered as a basic principle, which consist of not only having a ceiling over the head, but also having access to potable water, electricity, food, medical care and others, and in this essay it will be presented information about how the homelessness is actually in …show more content…

There are different factors that result to homelessness, like people unemployment, economic problems, natural disasters, and according to the percentages, most of the people that suffer this are child, is estimated that approximately 15,000 children live on the streets just in Mexico City and this kids suffer a lot because of abuse or discrimination they past because of not having a place or a family to be save, or in the other hand they suffer everything in their houses so they decided to leave and live in the street.
Exists many different ways to make this problem decrease, many people try every day to avoid homelessness in Mexico, today it is the perfect moment to start to make conscience and do something about it, many people can make a huge difference, and more specific the young people, they are in the perfect moment to take actions, like in the Universidad Panamericana, a group of young people get together and with just a simple wagon of a train that was in a storage created into a hole room, this is an excellent way to reduce the cost of all the material a construction needs and make a complete

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