Importance Of Knowledge Culture In Culture

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Knowledge Culture
As part of an organization, knowledge is something that is crucial in the execution of my work responsibilities. Serving as an internal consultant, I need a renewing vigilance in terms of the latest strategies and information in my field of practice. But knowledge as an organizational product and culture is not yet formally supported in my organization.
Knowledge culture as defined by Oliver & Kandadi (2006) is "a way of organizational life that enables and motivates people to create, share and utilize knowledge for the benefit and enduring success of the organization”. Although the pivotal elements of creating, sharing and utilizing are present in my organization, the crucial element of culture is missing. In my team, we
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ICT being a driver of globalization makes the creation, sharing and access of knowledge easier and more available to a lot of people across geographical, political and cultural boundaries.
ICTs play a crucial role in my practice. I take advantage of technologies to enhance the learning process in my workshops. I use computers, blackboards, laser pointers, prezi, powerpoint, classroom response system and other technology to deliver my materials as well as to compliment my presentation. It does not only enhance the learning process but it helps me in dealing with the limited attention span of my participants by varying my methodologies. Not only ICTs facilitate the absorption information, it also helps people form a
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Part of my identity is a result of my interaction and learning in these communities. My motivation is the enjoyment I get as a senior member of the group- a status that is part of my identity as a person. These groups will not suffice the definition of communities of practice, but the small groups emanated from these online communities, which I am a part of, do. And since I am coming from various disciplines and communities, I am able to introduce some information from one group to another and from the bigger online community to the smaller communities of practice of human resources and psychology. Wenger called this “ brokering”. This sustains my interest as well fortifies my multiple and interrelated involvement in to these online communities and the communities of practice they helped

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