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Introduction The purpose of the assignment is to describe a chosen office layout, equipment, telephone system and stationery used in the office. The project provides also information about major elements that must be taken under consideration when planning an office layout. As an example of an office I chose the place of my work experience- The Examination Office in Dublin Institute of Technology, Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin 1. The Examination Office provides a wide range of services for students such as registration, payments, student ID cards, letters, forms, transcripts, exam timetables, information and results. The office also deals with complaints and many other enquiries. Office Layout DIT Examination Office is an Open…show more content…
Effective Workflow An office layout should ensure a steady and uninterrupted flow of work. If the work flow is effective, unnecessary movements of paper and personnel will be avoided, for example placing photocopiers and other office equipment that are use very often in the place most convenient for all employees of the office. There should be a free flow of communication among employees. 2.Maximum Use of Floor Space The available space in the office should be properly utilized. However, every employee should be given adequate space to ensure the health and efficiency. There must be an adequate space between desks, tables, and chairs for free movement of employees. Congestion in the office may reduce the efficiency of the staff. Desks partitions should be provided in between desks to provide privacy and reduce level of noise. 3.Safety An ideal layout should avoid all sorts of office hazards. It should provide for an adequate number of exists. Loose, unguarded cables, open drawers, unfenced machines may cause accidents. Furniture and equipment must be positioned for easy cleaning and servicing. Adequate safety of valuable documents and records should be…show more content…
It allows free flow of communication among the employees and help supervise all the staff. Unfortunately, there are disadvantages of the office layout as well like- no privacy, distraction from work due to the noise. I would say that in the office is too much uncontrolled and unnecessary interaction between staff which decreases level of concentration and motivation. My recommendation to the office would be placing all desks facing the same direction instead of facing each other or provide higher partitions in between the desks. I would also (if possible) redesign the office to make the lobby for students more visible from the office, as well as separate from the other accountancy office since they work independently and there is no need for interaction between them. I personally don’t like the red carpet in the office, I would change it to more neutral colour. I found it irritated and too aggressive. I also think that some of the employees should declutter their desks from unnecessary items (like for example some personal stuff), it doesn’t look good and decrease

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