Importance Of Ethics In Organizations

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Ethics are the principles and values of an individual which are contoling his or her actions and decisions.
Ethics codes comes from ancient times. Religious, old traditions and different cultures have codes of ethic.
Business ethic is a part of applied ethics. Organizational ethics express the values of an organization to its employees and other bodies which are the part of governmental and regulatory laws.
Lack of code of ethics can cause: legal issues, decrease employee performance, affect employee relations and destroy company credibility.

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In day and age of global crisis (economic, financial, migrant, terrorism, etc.) and wars all around the world,
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a written code of ethics and standards (ethical code)
2. ethics training for executives, managers, and employees
3. the availability of ethical situational advice (i.e. advice lines or offices)
4. confidential reporting systems

Code of ethics conducts:
• Written rules of one organization
• Mission, values, and principles of one organization connecting with standards of professional conduct
• Covers major legal, ethical and compliance risk areas to help guide employees to make the right choices—even when they’re not
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6) Author has got a good point of that that any analysis of the impact of a code must include how well it affects behavior. He said that some of the researchers debate whether ethics codes is necessary at all because good people should know how to act ethically without guidance. What they are trying to say that morale and ethical behavior is coming form inside of every man. These are worthy academic questions, but they are different than those a practitioner must ask. Social psychological research also strongly suggests that codes can guide or induce behaviors in developing countries. It could be said that codes of ethics is not designed for “bad” people, but for the persons who want to act ethically. The average person is not so much immoral but often attracted, and sometimes confused, by what appears to be a good
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