Importance Of Planning In Coca Cola

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2.1 PLANNING Planning is the process of defining the goals to be achieved and actions to be taken to achieve the organization 's goals. Coca cola Company’s goal is to develop human resources, appreciate the achievements and enjoy what we do. Besides that, coca cola goal is to win customers heart and passion for acting, responsible and successful. The company has set a vision and mission to achieve organizational goals. The company 's vision is "To make the best beverage products company in South East Asia". And the Mission is "To provide freshness to customers and consumers with a sense of pride and spirit all day, every day." The importance of planning is to determine the direction, as a guide for decision-making, measuring the performance of the organization, enabling control is done and coordinate and allocate resources. In short, when managers are planning something, he must know what he want to achieved and how to achieve efficient and effective at the time particular.…show more content…
Actions to be taken to achieve the organization 's goals are: a) Addition of New Products One of the products most known throughout the world of Coca-Cola Company is the product of Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite. As the most recognized brand and dominate the world beverage market, the Coca-Cola continues to do to be able to present a variety of innovative consumer products required in line with the changes taking place in society. Some of the new products of the Coca-Cola

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