Importance Of Sociology In Nursing

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1.3 Sociology and Nursing

As disciplines Sociology deals the components of society in detail and its relationships, differences and solidarity. The Nursing is concentrating on the role of nurses in healing the patients and promoting the health positively. The nurse is coming from the one of the societies and she delivers her best to the humans. The key to understanding nursing 's relationship with sociology is the profession 's concern to control and develop its knowledge base. The nurses by and large depend on physicians for their education and training, and in the process the nurses have been engaged in a long duration to establish epistemological isolation from medicine. The nursing curricula developed that embraced an eclectic range of disciplines. The paradox of these developments, however, was that the courses contained little that was specific to nursing. Certainly the nursing profession is in a position to integrate the theory and practice to help the patients to overcome their problems in hospital settings (Dingwallet al, 1988). In the early 1990s there was a lively debate in the nursing literature about the value of sociology 's inclusion in nursing curricula (Cooke 1993, Sharp 1994, 1995, Porter 1996, Mulholland 1997). The catalyst was an article by Cooke (1993), that appeared in Nurse Education Today, which was broadly supportive of the benefits of sociology for nursing but critical of its current mode of integration into nurse education. According to
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