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Chauhan S. P. and Chauhan Daisy "Emotional Intelligence: Does It Influence Decision Making and Role Efficacy?" Indian Journal of Industrial Relations 43.2 (2007): 217-38. Web. This article discusses the importance of emotional intelligence. This form of intelligence allows people to empathize with each other by understanding their motivations and point-of-views. Emotional intelligence also allows a person to come up with solutions for problems. It enables a person to view a situation with different perspectives and make good decisions despite how strongly they might feel about a situation. The cab driver from Cornelius Eady's poem lacks this ability. As a result of his overpowering feelings, he is unable to understand the situation people…show more content…
A school in New City implemented different types of intelligence, including interpersonal intelligence (emotional intelligence), into the educational curriculum. The article defines interpersonal intelligence as the ability to understand people and relationships. The educators at this school believe that interpersonal intelligence is vital because success is dependent on understanding others. As a result, the schools organizes activities in which students can use their strengths and skills while working in groups. The narrator from Sonny's Blues does not share the same values as these educators. When Sonny wanted to focus on his musical talent, the narrator, who is his brother, does not support his interest. He could not understand Sonny's interest and passions and did not believe his brother's success was dependent on musical talent. The narrator lacked emotional intelligence. However, Sonny becomes a successful musician and proves that the views found in Hoerr's article are reasonable and…show more content…
For example, the text states that some institutions have adopted the open-door policy which provides a sense of freedom for patients by allowing them to interact with each other. In additions, scientist have been trying to prevent mental illnesses by understanding their causes. Another way the stigmas associated with mental illnesses are being changed is by educating people on what these illnesses are and how they can be dealt with. The author included an example in which a nurse overheard a conversation where a person came to the conclusion that a former patient was not crazy, but instead the patient was mentally ill. This is similar to the son of the lady who was not given the opportunity dance, where the son assumed his mother crazy instead of thinking that she might have a mental illness or it can be due to her old age. It can even be inferred that the son did not accept his mother because he continuously wondered how his mother's life could of been had she been a dancer. This can also be inferred because the son only remembered his mother condition when he visited. The journal article says that the term mental illness has different meanings depending on their level of comprehension and social background. The article also encourages readers to avoid generalizing mental illnesses because it depends on a particular moment in their lives.

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