Insurance Cost Essay

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Most Pharmaceutical Drugs are essential in saving a life. By causing the prices of these drugs at all-time highs and forcing Americans to buy these drugs, taking loan after loan out, we are essentially denying access to effective treatment for most socioeconomic groups. • The costs of these Pharmaceutical drugs without the help of insurance coverage are a significant obstruction to access because insurance companies don’t help with cost as much. A Parent with a youth in need of these drugs, whether in the higher or lower voice of the economy will pay thousands of dollars on simple medication that will be used to save their lives. • “State laws and other “well-intentioned” federal policies limit generics abilities to hold prices down.” In an article it was said that due to state policy’s most pharmacists must get a patient consent before switching drugs but this costed insurance companies millions in 2006. Cost was significantly high because of this patient consent and insurance had to pay more. If state laws overall where changed in accordance to …show more content…

This would as well allow for insurance companies to help individuals who can’t afford much to pay for such drugs. Local provider communities would make it more accessible for individuals to gain access and to pay at a minimum to insurance companies and these drug corporations a lower amount for these drugs. Patients would receive the needed treatment; insurance companies as well as these drug companies could have the Government and FDA’s help with funding and small cost. Government regulation needs to occur and a limit on the drug prices, even in the face of legislators wanting to protect the rights and interests in business. This problem has been trying to resolve for decades and this policy can help fix

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