Integrated Health Care

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An integrated team approach to mental health care management is perceived to improve quality of care and patient outcomes for chronic illnesses. However, limitations in the effectiveness of such management processes specific to the field of mental health exist. Primary limitations include the limited evidence supporting the use of integrated care model within mental health (Woltmann, E., Grogan-Kaylor, A., Perron, B., Georges, H., & Kilbourne, A., 2012). Additionally, research has shown that this model of care can be difficult to sustain due to limited resources including staffing, funding and administrative efforts (Johnston, Peppard, & Newton, 2015). Further limitations include stigmatization associated with various mental health conditions …show more content…

An integrated health team approach offers a standard and integrated model of practice for government agencies highest-cost beneficiaries. Probable initial increase in fees associated with funding a managed care program. Extensive collaboration/policy making would need to consolidate resources. Health care administration. As new policies are developed under the integrated health model additional administrative staff may be necessary to meet the demands of coordinated care, however emphasis in this model is not placed on a hierarchical system structure. Advancements in information technology have been utilized by existing integrated behavioral health plans to ensure efficient communication between providers. Patients. Conceivably greater coordination of general and behavioral care will lead to better outcome and greater patient satisfaction. Holistic approach may identify associated health concerns. Wellness teams can assist with navigating access and peer support specialists can offer transitional support. Individual practitioners. Care providers will have greater flexibility of care and will not be dependent on a fee-for-service level of care. Primary care doctors will require and benefit from additional training in behavioral and mental health. Possible loss of autonomy in the new integrated/coordinated form of

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