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In order answer the first research question of this study, the five ICT integration competencies in NETS-T framework by ISTE (2008) are assessed. The results of the descriptive analyses for the five ICT integration competencies obtained very important findings. It is found that half of the teachers who involved in this study are less than the high level in “Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity” competency”. Two third of the teachers have less than the high level in “Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments” competency. More than two third of the teachers have less than the high level in “Model Digital Age Work and Learning” competency. Two third of the teachers have less than the high level in “Promote…show more content…
This study found that the majority of the teachers disagree that their lecturers used ICT integration in their pre-service programs. Although, nowadays the pre-service teachers may be more skilled in ICT than their lecturers, Willis and Raines (2001) assumed that any change movement such as the use or integration of new technologies must start with the teacher education programs, and it can be achieved when teacher education programs focus on technology as the central part of the education program. Also, Evans (2006) stated that in order to make pre-service teachers effectively learn ICT integration and be competent, university lecturers must facilitate the ICT adoption and model its integration within their classrooms. Richaeds (2003) and Steketee (2005) claim that it is a mistake to assume that teachers can develop their ICT integration skills outside their teacher education courses. This may be because in pre-service programs, lecturers and teachers exchange their personal knowledge and experience related to ICT integration and they create knowledge sharing environment. This environment enables pre-service teachers in creating and capturing a new knowledge, and store and share it with others. This means that they manage their personal knowledge. When these pre-teachers become in-service teachers, their practice of personal knowledge management might be decreased. Therefore, the problem of the low level of ICT integration competencies might be cause by the level of personal knowledge management

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