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Smith (1976) was one of the first people who defined the term “International Language”. According to him: “International Language is one which is used by people of different nations to communicate with each other” He made certain assertions that show the relation between culture and international language. His assumptions are: • It’s not necessary for a learner of an international language to adopt the cultural norms as well. • The ownership of the worldwide dialect gets to be denationalized. • The instructive objective of taking in a global dialect is to empower learners to convey their thoughts and culture to others. These presumptions by Smith are additionally substantial for the utilization of English as an international language. EIL…show more content…
There are distinctive dialects in this world like Spanish, Arabic, English, Mandarin and Hindi that are utilized broadly by the local speakers. But, when a dialect is utilized by extensive number of individuals of various nations having distinctive local dialect then it picks up the status of worldwide language. English in this sense has picked up the status of worldwide dialect as it is the dialect of more extensive correspondence both among people from various nations and between people from one nation. Along these lines, English is a worldwide dialect in both a global and a local sense. Crystal (1997) maintains that a dialect accomplishes worldwide status when it builds up an "extraordinary part that is perceived in each nation" and that this unique status can be accomplished either by making it an official dialect of the nation or by a nation giving exceptional need to English by acquiring it as an international language. Further, McArthur (1998) derived the attention of people towards the native and the nativised varieties and the ways that how are they distinguished from one another. The British, American and Australian English are said to be the native varieties as they are used by the large number of people of those countries. Nativised varieties are more up to date that have been created in places where English was not initially used and which have been influenced by nearby dialects and…show more content…
In this way English spread throughout the world. English that was once the language of only native speakers has now gained the status of an international language. It is considered as the lingua franca. It is not only used for communicative purpose between native and non-native speakers instead it is used by non-native speakers for some meaningful interactions. Graddol found out in one of his research that almost two billion people in today’s world are having the knowledge of English. In fact, the non-native speakers of English have outnumbered the native speakers of English. So, according to this research other linguists; Kachru and Widdowson claimed that English had become a de-nationalized

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