Qualitative Vs Interpretivism

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Interpretative Methodology and Qualitative Research are the 'subjective measures’ to study a social phenomenon. These approaches came with the fact that Quantitative or Scientific approaches which are objective in nature, are inadequate on their on in collecting, analysing, and explaining data or they are totally inappropriate in subject that deals with the human behaviour. Human behaviour can not be judged by numerical calculations. Human beings have attitudes, emotions and their individual thinking and existence. Therefore, the idea of Qualitative Research involving subjective measures in supplementing Quantitative Research came in to existence.
Qualitative data taken with the help of interpretation is usually seen as richer, more vital,
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On the one hand, Schwandt (1994) defined interpretive approach as deep insight into “the complex world of lived experience from the point of view of those who live it”, While on the other hand there are thinkers like Cavana, Delahaye, & Sekaran (2001), Walsham(1995) who were of the view that Interpretive research assumes that reality is socially constructed and the researcher becomes the vehicle by which this reality is revealed. Mingers (2001)came with the viewpoint that interpretive approach is consistent with the construction of the social world characterized by interaction between the researcher and the participants. Garcia and Quek (1997) stressed that researcher’s interpretations play a key role in this kind of study bringing “such subjectivity to the fore, backed with quality arguments rather than statistical…show more content…
The questions asked in this type of research usually begin with words like 'How ', 'Why", 'What '. So here the researchers are after meaning. The social meanings people attribute to their experiences, circumstances, and situations, as well as the meanings people embed into texts and other objects, are the focus of qualitative research. Therefore, at the heart of their work, qualitative researcher try to extract meaning from their data. The focus is generally words and texts as compared to or opposed to numbers. Qualitative is not a concept or a series of techniques that can simply be employed but it is an intellectual, creative and rigorous craft that the practitioners (researcher) not only learns but also develops through

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