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Audio is very clear resulting in a highly useful and readable transcript.
Interviewer: (00:09) To start, what images or feelings does the Century Plaza Hotel name provoke with you?
Respondent: I've been to the Century Plaza Hotel, and I know a little bit of its history. The name suggests to me a place that was once upon a time a star property and is still a very classy location.
Interviewer: (00:39) Anything else or what else?
Respondent: Given this location, I'd say it denotes some price and expense.
Interviewer: (00:55) In the online survey, you picked out some number of attributes that you associated with the Century Plaza Hotel. In fact, one of them was expensive. Is that based on your knowledge of pricing or just a feeling?
Respondent: It's just a feeling. …show more content…

I have my office in downtown Los Angeles right now.
Interviewer: (08:21) Would you visit the Century Plaza Hotel to dine, or have drinks, or coffee when you're in the LA area?
Respondent: I have in the past, and I would again if circumstances drew me to that part of town.
Interviewer: (08:41) It's a function of doing business or pleasure in the Century City area that might drive you there?
Respondent: Correct.
Interviewer: (08:52) Anything else? Is there anything else that might attract you there?
Respondent: No, I don't think so. LA traffic is notoriously awful, and most of us don't tend to venture too far a field unless there is some other reason to do it.
Interviewer: (09:13) How do, if at all, local hotels play into your lifestyle. Not necessarily that specific one, but have you visited or stayed at a hotel in the LA area recently? If so, why?
Respondent: My office building is right next door to a hotel, so sometimes I'll walk over there for lunch. Also, my work obligations sometimes require me to attend meetings at hotels in the area.
Interviewer: (09:45) How about aside from work? Do local hotels play any part in that part of your life?
Respondent: No, they

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