Iron Triangle Essay

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The Iron Triangle has impacted Racial Discrimination
“American is Free Country” I thought that saying was true for the longest time but maybe that is only because I am white. I am free against discrimination and racial profiling. I am free to walk into stores, and not have eyes staring at me, making sure I am not stealing. I am free to sit on a plane and no one suspect me as terrorist. Soldiers has fought and died for this country to be free groups attacking America. However, I believe we all need to stand up together and fight harder against racial discrimination and profiling. Just because our president is black does not mean racism is over, we are still having racial profiling in our current events.
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They made her striped down and never told her what she did wrong. The airline replay was this "As an airline, our duty and that of our flight crews is to ensure the safety of our passengers and we have the responsibility to report any suspicious behavior to law enforcement officials," O 'Malley said. Since when does the skin color you are born with make a person suspicious? The Bureaucracy part of the racial profiling would have perpetuate racial profiling in this situation. The appreciate approach would be not to respond to the airlines for only giving her race but did not say any actions she did. Another one would be if they’re going to kick one person off the flight because of their race, than they should kick everyone off the flight including the pilot. Stop and Frisk is a very common practice in New York City. Stop and frisk is the practice by which a police officer initiates allegedly based on reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. This practice does not reduce crime and occurs in higher amounts of people of the minority race. This should be illegal by the 4th amendment. For the good, NYCLU interest group is fighting against stop and frisk. This interest group is trying to change laws for the good. They are protecting New Yorkers against racial profiling. This is a benefit of having interest groups that is part of the iron

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