Is Hunting Ethical

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Some would say a sport is something that challenges a person physically and mentally. The sole act to have fun or entertain. Most the time a sport includes two or more individuals or teams going against each other to win. Also most sports have a point system. Would hunting fall under the category of a sport? Some would argue that hunting is not ethical and should not be considered a sport. Hunting has been a part of life since the beginning of time. Hunting as sport is ethical because it does not violate any animal rights, while being an act of exercise and helping with population control.
Animal rights has become a controversial issues, because people are concerned with animal welfare, harm, suffering and death. What about a hunters rights? …show more content…

There is so many issues that people want to argue today about deer hunting. Anti-hunters will argue that hunting is not a form of population control. They believe hunting some deer just increases the food population which will lead to more births of fawns. And without hunting food would be limited for the deer and that would cause less births. Deer is one of the more heavily hunted species, yet many wildlife managers in parks notice that even overpopulated areas have no problem. (Varner 108). Animal rights is also a big issue when talking with anti-hunters. Many find hunting to be unethical because the killing is more recreational today. Hunting is easier today then in prehistoric times. Some say hunting is lazy because hunters sit and wait on the animal to come to them. Also many think it is not necessary to kill an animal for food.
Society should promote hunting as a sport because of the number of advantages it offers. It offer cheap population control of whitetail deer, while encouraging healthy living and understanding of animal rights. People hunt for food and sport not because the deer need to be hunted. The argument whether hunting should be a sport or is ethical will never be agreed on. Killing a deer is as immoral as killing a cow no better or worse. Yet hunting draws more criticism from the public. Is killing a deer for food any different than the chicken or hamburger bought at the

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