Isis Informative Speech

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As once said Maura ' 'I 'd rather have peace on earth than pieces of earth. ' '
Unfortunately, we are having a struggle at this moment with Isis. We have been seeing people kill, beheaded also people killing for religion.I been seeing articles also social media talking about how could we deal with Isis. Social media says let’s throw nuclear misuse or let’s throw the atomic bomb and finish everyone for the better. Here come articles saying should we go to war with Isis? To be talking about Isis There 's going to be three main topics that I will be talking about. One is what do you think about what Donald Trump said or what should Barack Obama do about Isis? Second, should we send soldiers to fight or throw nuclear bombs and possibility a atomic bomb? Third and last what is the Isis main goal. This past month on November 13 2015 there was a sad …show more content…

I think Isis purpose is to be what they are today, they want to have a lot of attention, but also want to be known for around the around. It seems that Isis wants to expand their group around the world. It seems like we 're having the same situation that we had almost hundred years ago with nazi’s how they got expand in Germany and eventually we had a war going. I think It shows that Isis got really powerful but it also shows that they want a lot of attention and want people to give propaganda to people so they could join them and eventually fight with them. In conclusion to this whole Isis situation, I think we need to fight them and finish with them before everyone in the world has another war world three. I also think Isis isn’t that powerful as they seem but people in Syria should eventually take action on their own. we should honestly take this on our own hands and stop them, but also stop killing innocent people and make peace. I guess it’s true like they say we make war that we may live in peace. I just hope someday this situation we 're having with Isis and terrorism, killing innocent people and make

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