Jackie Robinson Short Biography

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“Mr. Rickey, if I could rub this color off me I’d be as good as any man" ("Robinson and Branch Rickey: Together in history by Steven Marcus”) Jackie Robinson is considered one of Americans heroes. His history and background is distinct from others. His accomplishments are important, and the legacy he has left behind is important to everybody around the world. Read the journey Robinson took throughout his rough career.
Jackie Robinson was young when he found his love for sports. Jackie Robinson was also a gifted 4-star athlete in the following; Football, baseball, basketball and track. Due to his gifted talents, hard work. Robinson was offered a scholarship to go to UCLA to play all 4 sports that he was talented at. Jackie Robinson was excelling …show more content…

He was an intelligent, respectful man. Robinson didn't retaliate to disrespectful fans, he instead let his great athletic abilities and his play do the talking. Robinson also had to deal with other problems than just the fans, players from his own team as well! Robinson had to deal with players from his own team that disrespected him, petitioned not to play if he played with them, Robinson didn't let that stop him for chasing his dreams and greatness. Not that the fans and teammates weren't enough, he also had to deal with other players from other teams around the league purposely trying to hit him in the head, slide their spikes into him trying to injure him. After all of that, Robinson still held a strong 11-year career with Brooklyn("Jackie Robinson"). Nevertheless, Robinson was highly disrespected around the whole league, he didn't back down from the hate by letting his playing do the talking. His legacy helped show teams not to overlook a player based on the color of his skin, look at the player’s talent, potential, heart + hustle and the way he is as a person. For what he did, Robinsons effect on scouts and the front-office for teams changed how they looked at a player. Thanks to Jackie Robinson, no matter what race you are, you have an equal chance as anybody else

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