Jadis Vs Adolf Hitler

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Once Two Rulers Once in two worlds there were two wicked rulers. Jadis is the White Witch who claims to be queen of Narnia and curse it so there is always snow on the ground and Christmas is miles away and will never come. Hitler is the leader over Germany during World War 2, who acts brutal and selfish. These two are very similar in some topics but in others quit different. Here are their similarities. The witch kills people who insult here, and Hitler does the same, who spies on everyone, eager to find threats. They are both rulers of countries, though they both slithered their way into the authority over the subordinates of Narnia and Germany. The witch always has her army at hand to serve her, and Hitler never leaves his unless in ship-shape.…show more content…
Also, the witch waited for someone to kill her and wouldn’t give up in fear and kill herself. But Hitler was terrified of failure, and killed himself immediately. Hitler was a real historical person, but the witch is just a made up person, written on rough paper. The white witch and Adolf Hitler are perfect to compare and contrast. The strongest one was the witch being a bit careless of proving herself good, and Hitler did everything he could if it meant taking his own
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