John Bowlby Attachment Theory

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Unit 1.4 promote children emotional well-being 1.1 John Bowlby attachment theorist was that he believed mental health and behavioural problems could be attributed to early childhood, babies get attach usually for who care for them and this crate a close bond and they need attachments in order to survive. Bowlby theory says that when children come into the world they set up to form attachments with others because this will help them to develop sure relationship. Bowlby looked at how babies become attached to their mother and what happens to them when they are separated or when they feel insecure and fear, the attachment behaviours are instinctive and will be activated by any circumstances that seem to threaten for the child. Bowlby also assumed …show more content…

Bowlby suggested that children would originally catch only one attachment and this will help them to feel more secure base for exploring the world. Babies should form an attachment within the first year of life because if this attachment won’t happen with the child is more likely that in the future they will have problem with social relationship and this can have severe consequences like for example they may not be able to trust others or have possible behavioural issues so Bowlby did believe that the child should have a primary bond which was much more important than any other and that is usually the …show more content…

Further research revealed that more than half of the mothers with a child who fell into this category had suffered a trauma immediately before the birth of the child and had developed depression because of that trauma. 1.2 Attachment is the emotional bond between the parent and the child, it builds a child’s trust and self-esteem if they feel loved and wanted, that’s why it’s important to have a secure attachment with the child so that in the future they won’t have a negative impact on the child’s mental, physical, social, and emotional health. There are 2 type of attachment that is secure and insecure; the secure attachment ensure that the child will feel secure, gain confident, develop secure relationship and the child will also feel more safe to explore the world around them. The insecure attachment is when the child don’t get the right love they need and that makes them feel unsafe, struggling to manage their emotions and may have difficulty developing healthy

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