John Hammond's Proposal To Open Jurassic Park

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I do not agree with the proposal to open Jurassic Park. The person who brought this concept to life was John Hammond, the owner and founder of InGen Corporation. John Hammond was portrayed as greedy, which impacts his judgement wholly. I do not believe that Hammond is a very logical person, as he seems much too financially invested in his park to worry about plausible complications. He acts blindly and naïvely, as he continued to believe that nothing could go wrong in his park. All of the technology within the park was considered to be top of the line, which led Hammond to believe that the computers had the capacity to run the park, with little to no human assistance involved. However, this park was depicted as unsafe, as previously expressed by both Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant.…show more content…
Hammond does not believe that what he’s doing could be understood or recognized as an ethical issue. I sincerely believe that Hammond’s proposal is unjust and irresponsible. This plan to open a park with prehistoric animals presents a moral issue to society. His greed influences his judgment in his entirety, which impacts his thinking in a way that can only possibly have catastrophic effects for the park and everyone involved. Throughout the book, he chooses to ignore Malcolm’s sensible and practical judgment, which I do not deem as acceptable. If Hammond had listened to Malcolm, he could’ve saved many human lives, including his own. He was depicted in Jurassic Park as a greedy and reckless individual, and for reasons stated formerly, is why I wholeheartedly oppose Hammond’s
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