Jonas 'Accepting Differences In The Giver'

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“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are”, E.E Cummings. The author is saying that it is hard to grow up and be who you are. The Giver is about accepting your differences instead of disparaging them. Throughout the novel Jonas is trying to discover who he actually is and accept his differences. As he discovers conflicts throughout the novel his character begins to change, he acquires new traits he finds individuality in the midst of conformity, his curistoy of elsewhere makes him vaillant, he becomes heedful as he unearths his community's past.
Throughout the giver Jonas outwardly conforms while inwardly questioning his society. This affects the work by presenting Jonas with a choice. The choice of becoming an …show more content…

The conflicts that change him was the fact that his friends and family were imperceptive. Jonas sees that his group mates and his family have no emotional experience. Jonas is experiencing pain, joy, love, and passion. His friends and family have a much lower emotional level. Jonas cannot relate to them anymore, therefore, he finds himself angry. “Jonas often feels irritated and angry with his group mates who do not know the things that he does. He is frustrated that they are satisfied with their lives which had none of the vibrance his own and he is angry at himself, but he cannot change that for them.” Page 99. Not only does Jonas noticed that his friends and his family can't relate to him on an emotional level. He also starts to notice the transgressions of his community. He starts to realize what releasing actually is. “His head fell to the side, his eyes half open. Then he was still...He killed it! My father killed it!” Jonas’s character changes from being blinded by the elders of his community to realising the corruption. Therefore he becomes more heedful to those around

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