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The protagonist of The Giver is a teenage boy named Jonas. He is eleven years old, going on twelve, when he gets assigned a job in his community. There is no specific description of Jonas’s appearance, but it can be assumed that he has a generic look, as his society is very uniform for each person. Therefore, he most likely wears plain-colored clothes, with short black or brown hair. He could wear some type of uniform like others in the community, or just very simple blue, grey, black, or brown clothes. Jonas has the character traits of being independent, courageous, caring, and friendly. First of all, he is very friendly, getting along well with friends and family. He has very close friends like Asher and Fiona, both of whom he treats very well and kindly. Jonas is also extremely caring for friends and family. When he finds out that his little friend Gabe is going to be killed, he …show more content…

This was the most interesting action that Jonas took because it displayed his many different character traits, and created the climax of the book. First of all, Jonas’s motives for leaving the community were very interesting. He wanted to release his memories into the community, allowing them escape their world of “sameness” and explore new concepts. This was very fascinating because it was Jonas’s big move to defy the government, and also led him away from his family. He wanted to make change in the community and defy the government, but his willingness to leave his life and family behind revealed many of his personality traits. It was the most interesting event because it was the climax of the book. The climax is always the most fascinating part of a novel, and Jonas’s decision to leave his community and give his memories to the people there created the climax. That is why running away from the community as Jonas’s most interesting action in The

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