Adulthood In The Giver

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“After Twelve, age isn’t important. Most of us even lose track of how old we are...What’s important is the preparation for adult life and the training you’ll receive.” Growing up without any problems in life is impossible, teens going through different experiences must learn to handle these situations, even if it means asking for the support and training of adults and peers. Growing up can be tough. Most middle schoolers are judged by their appearance when they are under the age of twelve, or even through their teenage years. The way they are treated, and they way they react to the way they are treated is the basis for their adulthood. The structure of teenager’s adulthood is based on their emotional experience when they are younger. In “The Giver” they talk about “stirrings” which is the book 's way of introducing puberty into Jonas’s life. In the book they have a way to stop puberty, but people and children today don’t. So it is important that we are trained to go …show more content…

Support from teachers can help kids know that they are in a safe environment and that it 's okay for them to be themselves. The support of good peers and friends can also play a big role in a child’s school and social experience. Kids who don’t try hard in school, and don’t do their best might still be that way when they are adults. Children and teens who don’t do well in school because they cannot focus on the task often fall behind keeping a job, or staying focused at work. Teens and kids who socialize instead of working will not help them when applying for and managing a steady job. The support from friends and teachers can help children focus throughout their work. More social children often do well in group assignments or projects. Kids like that need to know that all the work isn’t depended on them, they need to know that the work is evenly distributed among their

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