Jung Typology Test

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I’ve recently took the Jung Typology test, in which I believe that the questions I was asked were very remarkable. Also, the results gave me a clearer look of my personality. These kind of test can be very helpful, due to the fact that it can provide people information about their self’s in which they might not be consciously aware of. Well in my case, according to this particular examination; I’m considered an “ISFJ.” In other words, my preferences are being an introverted, sensing, feeling, and judging person. According to Jung, having an inclination towards being more of an introverted individual then extraverted, is when the person prefers to be more independent than social. I think that this indeed can reflect to one of my character traits. For instance, I tend to like spending more time either reading the Holy Bible, or listening to calm music in my room, instead of going out to party on Saturday nights. I believe that I could have probably been influenced by my mother, who would always be in her room reading the Holy Scriptures and she’s the one who introduced it to me , and would read it to me throughout my childhood until I was able to read it and understand it myself. My grandmother is also this type of person, which makes me think either I inherited this kind of personality, or was I totally influenced …show more content…

I believe I am judging, not all the time, but most of the time. Yung categorized Judging, as judging individuals like order, organization, and thinking sequentially. For example, I tend to always make a weekly schedule for school and church activities. I just write down everything I have to do in my calendar so that I won’t forget, or so that I will be well prepared. At times I try to store all the events or homework assignments, dentists’ appointment, etc. But that fails most of the time, so I try my best to organize myself by writing it down on

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