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Since the Vedic period Education has been the responsibility of society. During that period Gurus or acharyas were supported and respected by all means for imparting knowledge and inculcating skills in the students or shishyas.Though the education was a priviledge of the elite classes of the society propounding an exclusive model of education.
With the advent of time , societies and schools underwent a great deal of change. Now the teachers, students and the resources are in abundanance thereby evolving an inclusive model of education wherein education is no more the legacy of the priviledged but a fundamental right of all. Societies across the globe have not left any stone unturned in strengthening the whole process of education directly or indirectly by :-
1) Contributing towards
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It consists of 77 percent of our country’s total population of 860 million.The extremely poor quality of education available to them ensures thata large majority of India’s children continue to be far behind. One of the main reasons, for such adismal state of our public system of schools is that the local communities have not been able to assert themselves and effect desirable changes. It is ironical that education can be a great leveler and also be a means to perpetuate the existing social divide. Great hierarchy in schooling provisions exist in India. Equality of opportunity in terms of accessing school, have remained at best a political rhetoric. India’s middle class who can afford to pay for their children’s education opt for sending their children to high fee paying private schools and for rest of the masses poorly equipped barely functioning government schools remain the sole option. The social and economic divide that exists in society is reflected in access to schools as
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