Karawang: The Importance Of The Tourism Industry In Indonesia

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CHAPTER I I. INTRODUCTION I.1. Background Throughout the years, Indonesia has been obtaining a lot of benefits from its tourism sector. An archipelago that indeed is known for its beauty, attracting tourists to travel and experience the exoticism of the nation. Not only international tourists, but the people of Indonesia has been known to enjoy travelling a lot. According to Badan Pusat Statistik on 2011, Bali is the first travel destination for tourists, followed by DKI Jakarta, DI Yogyakarta, and West Java. There are a lot of places and cultures to experience and learn about in Indonesia, that sometimes these potential places are forgotten and set aside. West Java, for instance, has a lot of places to travel to, and it’s not limited to only areas around Jabodetabek, but also a few miles from Jakarta, which is Karawang, a regency who is famous for various things. Karawang is regency in West Java, and it is located only 32 miles east of the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. The regency may be known as the major source of rice production in Indonesia, but unfortunately, many people may fail to know and remember when the name of Karawang comes into their mind. Due to contrary belief, Karawang is actually a place with various attractions and values. The regency has potential in developing its popularity by introducing its history, culture, tourist attraction, as well as other possible things to explore, to the mass public. For starter, there are a lot of places deemed as

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