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It is the first day of school. Kennedi Dean steps foot onto the famous Howard Yard, ready to start her sophomore year. The same drive that made her choose Howard, the same drive that made her choose biology as her major still runs through her. When asked what motivates her, Kennedi answers “I just want to graduate. Simple. I have an innate want to succeed.”
Kennedi, who received a scholarship to Howard University, the historically black university in Washington, D.C., describes her first impression of Howard University as a community filled with well-rounded black people, a notion that many others share with her. She also shared her favorite Howard memory: her first week on Howard’s campus when she first heard and sang the words to the Black National Anthem, “lift every voice and sing till earth and heaven ring,” in unison with hundreds of other Howard University students and staff all while holding up her fist.
Although Kennedi’s first impression of Howard University is heart- warming. Her first impression of Washington D. C. altogether is very different. Kennedi, who shares a home with notable figures like: Justin Timberlake, Elvis Presley, and Morgan Freeman: …show more content…

Kennedi plans to become a pediatrician one day, “I want to work with kids. If I am going to be a doctor, then I have to be a pediatrician.” If it is not obvious enough by her decision to choose a career dedicated to helping children, Kennedi is a very caring person. She states, “I am very passionate about being able to help people. It is what drives me to want to become a doctor.” Kennedi is no stranger to the health profession because her mother is a health administrator, which is a career field that Kennedi says she might one day explore, “I am open to anything in the medical field. I like the science aspect of health but I also like the business side to

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