Kinder Morgan Pipeline Analysis

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Natural Resources minister is under fire from Liberal minister for harmful comments about the approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline. He apologized for the comments he made about pipeline protests that some people mis-interpret his speech as a threat of their communities. Carr made comments about the possible use of defence forces during future protests to put their safety over pipeline projects approved by Ottawa. The controversy was started when Carr told the crowd "If people choose for their own reasons not to be peaceful, then the government of Canada, through its defence forces, through its police forces, will ensure that people will be kept safe"(Lazzarino). Some First Nations made a promised to protest over the Liberal government controversial…show more content…
We have a tradition in Canada of constructing a major infrastructure such as highways and railways under the rule of law where there is a policy on how to access the land and effects of the communities. The First Nation opposed of the pipeline approval at times and faced police rubber bullets and water cannons on the opening day of the special assembly. The Quebec Chief said “the protests in North Dakota send a clear message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet colleagues who approved the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline”(Taske). Pipelines are a very uncommon topic for many of our people because of the disasters it bring to us. Some Canadians have a strong feeling about the things that are decided by the local government and that is the rights to express their own opinions. “We have a history of peaceful dialogue and dissent in Canada. I’m certainly hopeful that tradition will continue"(Rabson). Jim Carr commented about the angered anti pipeline movement and particularly the first nation communities, many of them mis-interpret the comments as a threat against all protesters. But the point of the Natural Resources minister that we have the freedom to express a different view from

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