Kingsman's Trailer Analysis

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Kingsman’s and Deadpool’s trailer which one is better In my opinion, both Deadpool’s and Kingsman’s trailer are attractive, and they also do good job by used variety of devices to attract the audiences like sound/music, color, amount of detail given, narration or dialog. However, in some points, which made Kingman’s trailer did better than Deadpool such as in Kingsman’s trailer, they used ethos to get trust from the audience and make them believe that this film will be good or the wise way they used the amount of detail given make the audience curious about the film and the way they put music in the trailer. Firstly, let’s talk about the music in Deadpool’s and Kingsman’s trailer. In Deadpool’s trailer, they added some sound at the beginning …show more content…

Besides that, they also add some music make some part in the trailer more funny and excited, so it makes the trailer not boring. When the dialogue appears, they shut down the music, which can get attention from the audience. Contrarily, in Kingsman’s trailer, which is an action movie too, …show more content…

Moreover, they have one small part when the music is shut down, it is one way to get attention from the audience and then they changed a lot types of sound in the trailer, it can be worth using several music tracks to clearly mark the shift circumstance in the trailer and bring the trailer come to the climax and therefore it is more attractive the audience. I can see that both of 2 films, they used 2 songs as background music, but in the Kingman beside the songs as the background they also use variety of sound support to the trailer like the sound of glass is broken, the door closed or the funny sound of the tooth is thrown out of the mouth, which make the audience not boring and get more attention from the audience to the trailer. Oppositely, In Deadpool they almost used the same kind of music and the strong sound, which made the trailer like it just has one rhythm from the start to the end, so it didn’t make the trailer can attract the audience. Besides that, the way they used the music at

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