Kym Moseley: A Modern Day Hero

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Modern Day Hero The word “hero” often makes us think of the people in the stories we read, movies we watch, and the people making the headlines in the newspaper. While this may hold some truth, these heroes often make us forget about the ones in our daily lives. These people show great moral and character when facing danger or problems. However, they too are human and can make many mistakes; and they battle with many demons. How they conquer these barriers and deal with these problems make them heroes. Heroes inspire others and serve as an example for generations. In this era we need to recognize these heroes and follow their example more than ever. Kym Moseley is the type of person we should view as a hero; with her intellect, patience, compassion, …show more content…

He complimented her and made her feel good. They married after dating for a few years in 1989. Her new husband enlisted in the military right after high school, and he was part of Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield in Iraq. Before he left, my mother found out she was pregnant. Hector left with that happy news. Being that he was a paratrooper, he saw many horrendous things while in combat. This was Kym Mosley 's life prior to her difficult journey. Kym Moseley’s everyday life was similar to Odysseus’s life because they both had a strong growing family before they began their hero’s journey.
When he came back, he had changed. She believed what he saw affected him mentally. At first, the change he went through was subtle. He began by insulting her, and comparing her to other women. She recalled him complaining about how fat she was, and how she didn’t lose the baby weight after she had their daughter Lisa in 1990, while he was in Iraq. These signs are what she considered to be her call to actions, or in her case, her “call” to leave. However, she didn’t listen. This is very similar to Odysseus’s call to war, he denied the requests that were sent to …show more content…

Kym Moseley de Leon is a modern day hero. She went through the struggle of having an unfaithful, abusive husband to taking care of her daughter as a single mom. She was able to rebuild herself thanks to her family and most of all, her husband Robert de Leon. Kym Moseley’s battle against life itself as a single mom displays and imitates the hero’s journey that is shown in Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, as well as serving as living proof that heroes are found in our daily lives. She learned that she was worthy and that you need to have self respect before others respect you. She also found a way to love again. She is a hero to the people around her because of her inspiring battle. Her journey gives a much needed message of self worth and respect to the public. Heroes don’t have to be limited to the ones in our books and movies. They can be the people we see on the street. Heroes are the ones who inspire us to get through our rough times because of their courage, strength and persistence they have in their time of darkness. We should let people like Kym Moseley be role models as well for us and the upcoming

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