La Chapelle Case Study Summary

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Purpose: La Chapelle wants to provide good clothes to consumers. La Chapelle insists adding France element into clothes. La Chapelle wants to design romantic daily clothes. It has many subsidiaries, such as La Chapelle Sport, LaChapelle City, La Chapelle Homme, La Babite and La Chapelle Kids. Each brand helps people find what they want to buy.
Division of Labour: They have about 3000 staffs. Including a general manager makes important decisions. 200 accounting staffs calculate company’s finance. 2700 marketing staffs help consumers choose their favorite clothes. 100 stylists design beautiful clothes.
Hierarchy of Authority: The company has a CEO, Jiaxing Xing, and then, a CFO, a CMO and a CSO, and finally, supervisors. Additionally, they also have a board of directors.
First Characteristic: Offers Training Opportunities: La Chapelle provides on-the-job training and opportunities for their designers and salesmen to enhance their work-related skills regularly.It also brings in other individuals to provide necessary departmental and corporate-wide training. La Chapelle offers opportunities to pursue certification and continual education as well.This helps La Chapelle improved their strength constantly, because of the training, the staffs will be more committed to company and work harder.
Second Characteristic: Adapts to Opportunities and Changes: La Chapelle knows how to recognize and seize good opportunities. La Chapelle always

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