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Purpose: La Chapelle wants to provide good clothes to consumers. La Chapelle insists adding France element into clothes. La Chapelle wants to design romantic daily clothes. It has many subsidiaries, such as La Chapelle Sport, LaChapelle City, La Chapelle Homme, La Babite and La Chapelle Kids. Each brand helps people find what they want to buy.
Division of Labour: They have about 3000 staffs. Including a general manager makes important decisions. 200 accounting staffs calculate company’s finance. 2700 marketing staffs help consumers choose their favorite clothes. 100 stylists design beautiful clothes.
Hierarchy of Authority: The company has a CEO, Jiaxing Xing, and then, a CFO, a CMO and a CSO, and finally, supervisors. Additionally, they
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La Chapelle offers opportunities to pursue certification and continual education as well.This helps La Chapelle improved their strength constantly, because of the training, the staffs will be more committed to company and work harder.
Second Characteristic: Adapts to Opportunities and Changes: La Chapelle knows how to recognize and seize good opportunities. La Chapelle always looks for opportunities to grow.When economic downturn happened, La Chapelle knew people wouldn’t buy too expensive clothes so they set up an sub corporation to sell low-cost cheap clothes. So though in a down economy, the sale volume of La Chapelle increased instead of decreasing. It also knows how to adapt to technological or operational changes. It tries to stay ahead or inline with changes in the industry and business environment. So the designers of La Chapelle often went to fashion shows all over the world to learn more things about fashion and follow the trend of the
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Give reasons to support your response. I think La Chapelle will be successful. Because though economic depressed from 2014 to 2016 in China. La Chapelle still developed very well. La Chapelle is Self-operational pattern, it also has many stock holders so that it has stable funds input.La Chapelle not only adapts opportunities and changes, but also offers the training opportunities to its staffs.Their staffs are vocational and professional. The leader of the La Chapelle said he added Cafe in their shops, I think it is creative and this will help them attract more consumers.

Purpose: Alibaba’s purpose is providing ten million companies a place to sell their goods, providing one hundred million job opportunities, providing consumption online for a thousand million people. Alibaba also provide taobao, Alipay, 1688 and Yahoo to improve people’s living quality.
Division of Labour: Alibaba has about 12000 staffs, it has assistants, junior CSA, senior engineers and researchers. In management, it also has supervisors, managers and majordomos. This system can help Alibaba study Internet better.
Hierarchy of Authority: It starts with the chairman, Yun Ma, and then, Alibaba has a sub-chairman, and then, some EVP, finally, some ordinary vice-presidents.
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