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La Paloma is a Mexican restaurant located at 2280 El Camino Real, Santa Clara. This restaurant serves traditional Mexican food since 1977. The interior of the restaurant is a colorful, festive setting with lovely sofas and tables for large groups on customers. They have a huge selection of Mexican food on their menu which I was very excited to try them out. Last weekend I got to try 3 of the following dishes from La Paloma: Sopa de Fideo, beef tostada Combination plate, and Machaca con huevos.
Sopa de Fideo is a popular Mexican soup that is simple yet flavorful. It’s a creamy tomato soup with thin noodles and vegetables like carrots, celery, tomatoes. The Beef tostada is a fried corn tortilla topped with refried beans, meat, tomato, lettuce, …show more content…

The dishes I’ve tried are common everyday foods eaten by mostly the Hispanics. The two main dishes come with a portion of refried beans with cheese, tomatoes, and rice. These ingredients are served in most traditional plates on their menu as well. Many Mexican families have these standard ingredients in their household. The fresh corn tortillas were served on the side and it can be used to either scoop beans, rice and other ingredients or we can make our own burrito. Tomatoes are used throughout Mexico and their cuisines. Salsa is a commonly used condiment for nachos and they also provide a fiery spark to certain dishes when jalapenos are added.
Mexican cuisines are usually full of heat. Their food is served hot and spicy and usually in huge portions. One unique ingredient they use in the dishes are smoked jalapenos. This ingredient enhances the original flavor and adds a smoky flavor to Mexican soups. The Sopa de Fideo had a hint of spiciness in it which made this dish delicious. The tostada combination plate and machaca con huevos had jalapenos in it as well. They weren’t super spicy compared to fresh jalapenos. Pickled or smoked jalapenos are often used in their cooking to enhance flavor

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